Its Better to be Absolutely Ridiculous than Absolutely Boring!

Life is way to short not to LAUGH at mistakes, LOVE your enemies, and LIVE like today is your very last! I can NEVER stay mad for too long, because I always some how and some way end up smiling lol but that’s just ME. Some would call it bipolar, but I call it ‘The Marilyn Monroe’, because so many people hold on to negative energy and can’t appreciate or enjoy life because they are so caught up in PROBLEMS! For EVERY problem there is an equation and smiling seems to always be my problem solver, which is why I will be FOREVER YOUNG! You can catch me laughing at the dumbest things, doing the silliest dance at ANY given moment, smiling for NO reason at all, reminding myself that I only live once by doing something out of the ordinary, making a joke out of almost anything, or just hoping in the car and driving with no destination :). Its called life and I love to live it!

Marilyn was full of so much positive energy! She never cared about what the next man had to say nor did she strive for perfection, because she KNEW it wasnt possible. So instead she laughed at her mistakes, lived spontaneously, and still managed to be successful :)! Marilyn and I share so many traits, which is why I admire her so much! Don’t take advantage or over look the small things that life has to offer, you could possibly miss something worth living for!

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